Umlauf: PROCESSthe kiss mold for website

November 12- January 11, 2015

Umlauf: Process presents a behind-the-scenes look at the lost wax casting technique Charles Umlauf used for his bronze sculptures. The exhibition features fiberglass sculptural molds never seen by the public. Supplementary studies and finished bronzes complement the sculptural molds.

INSIGHTS – Wednesday, January 7, 6-8pm

For the INSIGHTS program, members of Atelier 3D studio will take visitors through the stages of creating a bronze sculpture, culminating in a live bronze pour at the UMLAUF.

Sodbuster - Left ViewUpcoming: Sodbuster, San Isidro

January 21- April 19, 2015

The UMLAUF is proud to host Sodbuster, San Isidro (1995), a 24′ fiberglass sculpture by legendary sculptor Luis Jiménez (1940-2006),  the first completed public art commission in his long and distinguished career. The UMLAUF will exhibit is the Artist’s Proof: the only casting that has never been displayed out of doors. It is in excellent condition. The UMLAUF will place Sodbuster at the center of the Gallery on the platform built to Jiménez’s original specifications.  For scale comparison, we will borrow a miniature Jiménez horse sculpture from the Grace Museum, Abilene Texas. The UMLAUF will also display Professor Umlauf’s 1962-63 grade book with Luis Jiménez’s name and grade listed.Two other important works by the sculptor that complement Sodbuster are currently on view at the Blanton Museum of Art.

INSIGHTS- Wednesday, January 28, 6-8pm

Featuring artist and sculptor Jesús Moroles, who worked extensively with Jiménez and assisted him in the making of Sodbuster. Moroles will detail his experiences and share insights on Jiménez’s process and the time they spent together.